Igor De Souza
Principal Developer Advocate – Big Data Evangelist - Software Engineer


I am Principal Developer Advocate – Big Data Evangelist, Software Engineer with over thirteen years’ experience in java development. Brazilian Geek, Coffee lover, Sepultura Fan and In-line Hockey Player, who likes to play with Raspberry Pi and Arduino in my free time.
I currently studying for the Cloudera Hadoop Spark Developer certification.
Based in Dublin

Currently, I’m: Pincipal Big Data Consultant at Oracle

Technologies: I’ve worked in various sectors with the Java platform and I have experience with several frameworks. Already worked as Business Analyst, Developer, Java J2EE designer, technical lead and Scrum Master.
The last six years I have worked in a web-based big data application that simplifies the analysis of large data sets called “Red Sqirl”.

Outside Office: My hobbies are playing with IoT, electronics, Twitter sentiment analysis, electric guitar and In-line Skate/Hockey.
I also run a monthly meetup for Brazilian IT professionals in Dublin with an average of 80 attendees.
Volunteer mentor and assisting Coder Dojo.

Honors and Awards:

  • Hack Guides People’s Choice Award 2016.
    Project: Guide

  • People’s Choice Award – Winner of Dublin Global Game Jam 2015. Project: Treasagh

  • Best in Show Award – Winner of Science Hackday Dublin 2014. Project: DoorWatch


  • Play Guitar
  • Inline skate – Hockey
  • Football 5 a side
  • Maker


I currently have two projects; Transforming Donald Trump’s Tweets in cash and My Floor Piano.

Donald Trump’s Tweets in cash : Details
Trump's uses it to Tweets strong opinions about all sorts of things. Occasionally, those opinions are targeted at publicly traded companies.
My idea is some code that constantly monitors Trump’s feed and analyzes each tweet for mentions of publicly traded companies and then, you’d immediately trade the affected stocks based on the detected sentiment: buy if positive and short if negative.

My Floor Piano : Details
Who doesn't want to dance around on a giant floor piano like Tom Hanks in Big?
This is a project with Makey Makey and Scratch.
In case you are not familiar with it, a Makey Makey is a kit that allows you turn everyday objects into touchpads that you can use to interface with a computer.