My name is Igor De Souza …

This blog is part of igfasouza.com website!

Currently, I’m a Software Engineer in a Data Engineer team at Teckro.

Big Data Evangelist, Software Engineer with over fifteen years experience in development. Brazilian Geek, Coffee lover, Sepultura Fan, and In-line Hockey Player, who likes to play with Raspberry Pi and Arduino in my free time, Based in Dublin.

I’m currently have a project to transform famous people tweets into cash

I am passionate about technology and I am always sharing knowledge with the community, through blog posts and social media channels. In my blog, I focus on Java, Kafka, and Raspberry PI, but sometimes I blog about other stuff as well.

I also run a monthly meet-up for Brazilian IT professionals in Dublin with an average of 80 attendees. Volunteer mentor and assisting Coder Dojo in Rathmines.


Inline skate – Hockey
Football 5 a side
Raspberry PI

Interest areas:
Software Architecture
Information Retrieval
Social Networks
Business Model
Raspberry PI

***Views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of my current company***

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