Code Everyday

What’s the crack jack?

Inspired by the code everyday article and by my new site/blog, I decided to follow the idea.

I Googled it and I found several similar ideas like #100DaysOfCode.
I found that people that were following the #100DaysOfCode was too obsessed to just commit and have the green line on GitHub and I found several different rules as well.

With that, I decided to change the rules and create my own version of one hundred days of code. And create something that was not just about commit every day.

I decided to set a couple of rules for myself:

  1. I set up a limit one hundred days.
  2. I must write code every day. I can write docs, or blog posts, or other things but it must be in addition to the code that I write.
    Here I count my Blog, my site, Github, RackHank and any draft on my whiteboard.
  3. It must be useful code.
  4. All code must be written before midnight.
  5. The code must be Open Source and up on Github.
  6. I can write in different languages and can do different projects.
  7. I’ve decided to code on the weekends as well

My plan is to create a habit of code every day.

I have been interested in changing the way I schedule my daily tasks. I used to get at home from work and pick up any of my side projects, whenever I could, even if I felt too tired to only grasp a few lines of code, and ultimately my projects didn’t get too far. As a good developer, I started several things and I never finished them …

Is exactly what I want to change with this!

Recently I found “Not learning at least 5 hours per week is the smoking of the 21st century.”  The 5-hour rule

With luck in one hundred days, I’m going to make a new post with the results.

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