Predict Conference 2019

What’s the crack jack?

Yesterday I went to Predict Conference, and I need to say thanks to Oracle for providing this experience for me.


My first time at Predict Conference, my first impression: it is a nice conference to get what are the trending topics in the area of Data in Ireland.
With nearly 1000 attendees, more than 30 speakers, over 2 stages.
Women are more and more present in tech.

But what is Predict Conference?

The Predict Conference is unique in its approach to combining business, data science and technology under one roof.

Predict is a holistic and continuous experience. It combines great talks, inspiration, face-to-face serendipity, experience zone, and hands-on data modeling innovation to equip you for decision making in the data age.
Predict is Europe’s leading data conference. It is designed to bring together thought leaders and innovators in the fields of data science, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and technology.

Tickets include:
– Full access to the main event on the 1st of October 2019: all talks, access to the Predict experience area, all-day coffee, lunch and evening drinks reception.


How many years has it been going?

Creme Global started Predict in 2015; it is now in its 5th year and has gone from strength to strength.
What exciting things can people look forward to?
The major themes at Predict this year where Health & Life Sciences, AI and Machine Learning along with Technology and Society (Sustainability/ Government/ Cities/ Privacy);

It’s not a very deep dive tech conference

The Predict Conference is just about talks around data topics, but it isn’t the most techie one for sure. The idea of this conference was to bring the tech people and industries together — and this objective is being realized year after year with great success.

From video analysis to APIs and IOT

The range of topics was very broad: but for me, everything was around 3 main topics; Video analizes, text analysis and IOT.

The talks were divided into some main categories;
Sustainability & Cities;
Customer first;

I create my list of talks that I had the opportunity to see there. This is not an exhaustive list!

From Cups to Consciousness: The Roadmap to AGI – Ben Duffy
He talked about AGI, Artificial general intelligence that is the intelligence of a machine that has the capacity to understand or learn any intellectual task that a human being can. It is a primary goal of some artificial intelligence research and a common topic in science fiction and future studies, and also open the floor for debate about what the development of AI and robotics will look like over the next few years.

Onboard Artificial Intelligence: train, deploy and use Deep Learning on an edge device (Raspberry Pi) – Constant Bridon
He showed a live demo of a model designed to recognised car drawings via the camera of a Raspberry Pi. He also talked about an IOT car competition in the Us where the car run using the feeds of the camera.
There’s a nice one in UK called FormulaPI.

The history of Creative AI – Eric Risser
He talked about artificial intelligence and computer graphics to lead both the vision and the core technology.

There’s a nice colleague video about showing how do do it a demo using Oracle Cloud and GPU

Top 3 things I’ve learned in 3 decades of Data Science – Dr. John F Elder
He talked about Ensembles, we can’t do it alone, we need alternative perspectives, Target Shuffling, some of our success is luck, simulation can find out how much and Leaks from the future, we can’t blindly trust results, if it looks good to good to be true, it is.

Uncertainty and Interpretability – Kevin Kuo

Low-Latency Model Prediction with Video
He talked about TensorFlow and buy the way there’s a 2.0 version now.

The Fast Track to AI with Serverless – Peter Elger

AI Live: No Experience Required
He showed one Wolfram notebook.

But the main topic, in my opinion, was ML & DL buzzwords

A lot of presentation was trying to explain that Machine Learning and Deep Learning are not the same things, and that there’s a lot of other buzzwords around.


A stands area with some nice content. Experience Zone.

Wolfram – they are showing case the computing program Wolfram Mathematica.

Equinix – specializes in internet connection and data centers

Rstudio – they are showing case the IDE and language. I had a nice talk with the guy there about R is not dying and is Python that becoming more strong.

Coder Dojo – https://coderdojo.com/

CeADAR – they had a nice tic tac toe game.



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