Spring Boot Native Raspberry PI app

Story Horse? All good in the hood?

Happy PI day with another blog about Raspberry PI, It’s kind of a continuation from my previous blog.
Control your house lights in a smart way and check out your energy consumption.

Spring just announced that they’ve launched the beta release of Spring Native and its availability on start.spring.io.

I saw this on Friday just after I published my blog about a Spring web app to simulate a lamp switch using the TP-link smart bulb and smart plug.

So today I decided to just get my demo and make it native. Check it out on my GitHub.

Just need to install GraalVM on Raspberry PI, and you can follow it here.

Just use the GraalVm Docker image

Today is PI Day and Mother’s Day, and nothing cooler than having a blog about both at the same time.

Raspberry PI motherboard – Happy Mother’s Day and Pi Day all.

I want to add an honorable mention here for my friend Rodrigo Rodrigues that helped me to activate this and gave me moral support to make this blog.

Check out his similar example here.








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