Big Data & Data Lake a complete overview

What’s the crack jack?

If you ever wanted to know what is Big Data and not what you think Big Data is or If you ever wanted to know what is Data Lake and not what you think Data Lake is, you should check this out.

I just finished a series of blog post where I did an overview in Big Data, Data Lake, Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka.

The idea here is a complete post with a good overview and a good start point to discover these areas and technologies.

What is Big Data?

What is Data Lake?

What is Hadoop?

What is Apache Spark?

What is Apache Kafka?

All post are based on a collection of links, videos, tutorials, blogs and books that I found mixed with my opinion.

There content to spend two hours reading, so good studies!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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